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Saturday, March 15, 2014

How To Download Torrent's File Using Idm (100% work)

Hello Readers.How are You everyone?Hope Everyone Is fine.This is the first post of my blog.So,I will try to update more attractive and cool tricks. But now today I am going to Share with everyone how anyone can download the torrents file using Idm.It's really a cool trick,isn't it?Most of the people don't know about this trick.That's why I am sharing the post about how to download torrent file  by Idm .

I am writing everything step by step:

1.First,go to this link.

torrents,torrents file download,torrent search box
2. In the search box,type the file that you want.
3.I Am going to download Dhoom 3;
torrent search,torrent verified
4. Remember That,green color is verified.Blue color is the symbol of the pier.That means someone is downloading the file.Try to download the greater number of piers & verified one because you can get maximum download speed.
5.Now click any of the files that you want.
search result of torrents,torrents movie download,free movie,torrent's movie
6. Now click on will see something like that.
the pirate bay,dhoom3,torrent dhoom 3
7.Now right click on the get this torrent and after that click on the copy link location option.
8.Now go to this link.,torrent download
9 .Now paste the code & click go.
10.Now click on the free button.

zbigz free download,
11. Now click on the zip option.,free zbigz download
12. Now again,click free & After a while Idm will appear.,free zbigz download

13.Everything is done.Now download your file anytime you want with Idm.

Hope everyone like the post.
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Good luck...

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