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Sunday, November 30, 2014

How To Exchange the Internal Memory With External Memory In Android Device (100% Work)

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Now a day's almost everyone use android device..It is one of the most popular operating system that ever invented..Android is very easy to use,stylish and got lot of features in it..
But the most common problem is the internal memory..If the memory is 16-32gb,still we can't use the full memory properly as because most of the unnecessary application's are installed in the device which needs almost half of the memory..So,we can't use the full memory properly..This is a great problem for android user's..But not now because today I am going to show you how to solve this type's of problem.Why not exchange the internet memory with our memory..This is a good idea..So,today I am going to show you how to exchange the android internal memory with the external memory..

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Download 29 Card game For Mobile

29 card game Android is an open source program that spreads all over the world. Now a day it has become very difficult for the people to challenge others in order to create new apps. As most people use android, thousands of developers are creating android apps everyday. They develop the apps and sell them in android market in order to earn money .They earn through selling them in android market,adding advertisement on the apps and many other ways. Many developers use their techniques to build various types of apps.For that reason,people are enjoying the best apps for their need. As many developers build different apps, here's an android app which I am sharing with everyone.Today I am going to share an app called 29 card game..
This is really an awesome app.I think almost all the people like to play 29 card game. This app is really helpful to learn kids for perfectly.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Browse Sites Without Mouse Click

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Who doesn't like to have fun.Everyone does.Let's have a little fun. Entertainment is an essential  part  for us. What exactly we need to do? We have to work very hard to go to an online.It is very monotonous for us.We have to click lots of button in order to go on websites. And that's we need a little entertainment.People search over the internet in order to find entertainment things.There are many ways to have fun.Some plays game's on online.Some spend time on different social site to have fun.Some browse internet to find funny picture and makes funny comment and so on.But today I am writing for a site that will let you to have fun.

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