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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How To Make Cartoon Of Any Photo Using Image Cartoonizer Software+ serial key.(100% Work)

how to make cartoon of a image,image cartoonizer,turn a photo into cartoon,cartoon a photo,create cartoon using software,turn your photo into cartoon,photo cartooning, full version of igmage cartoonizer with serial key,,full version of image cartoonizer+product key.Everyone  has a best friend. Everyone also likes to make a fun with his friend for a little entertainment. For this person creates tricky idea's & apply them to their friend. Many people search on the  internet for cool tricks &  they find cool idea's. Like all other cool idea's here's a cool trick for everyone. Why not create cartoon of a photo. Okay,today I am going to share how to make cartoon of any photo using a software+ serial key. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

How To Add An Image Tag On MP3 Music File Using MP3Tag software(100%work)

mp3tag,how to add imagetag in mp3,tag image in mp3,add picture in mp3,mp3 tagging softwareThe MP3 music format is the most downloaded format of any music.People all over the world downloads music from the Internet that they want. Basically,people downloads,MP3 file from different web directories.In those Mp3 songs we can see picture tag of the website,the singer,the industry.It's really annoying to us because everyone want's to tag their own picture or images in those MP3 files.Now it's our turn to change the tag from the MP3 music.So,I am here today going to share how to add an image tag on MP3 Using MP3tag.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

How To Make Voice Comment On Facebook.A Cool Trick For Facebook.

how to make voice comment on facebook,make voice comment in facebook,facebook voice comment,voice comment method in facebook,how do voice comment,facebook voice commentNow a day's Facebook has become one of the most neediest thing in our daily life.We can see million's of people in Facebook.We all likes to enjoy our times in Facebook  because  it's a popular social media all over the world.Even it has taken place top position in internet.Even Google is having tough time to beat Facebook. Facebook has got ton's of user's and Facebook is trying to make their site more friendly to the user.As I share's cool tricks with my readers, I will also share a cool trick on Facebook today.We all likes to make comments by writing but today I am going to share how to make voice comment on Facebook.

How To Compress The Size Of a Audio Music Using MP3 Quality Modifier Software(100%work)

how to compress the size of a audio music,audio music compressor,compress audio,music compressor downloadEveryone loves music.It's a universal true word.In this modern civilization music is available to Internet.When you need any song you just search in google and download it anytime you want.As we download the file we do not think about the size of the music.As it take place to our memory cards,pen drive and other devices,thus we lost some space.In this case,if we got a software or app that can reduce the size of the audio file it will be quite better for us & that's why today I am going to share how to compress the size of an audio music.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Ulead GIF Animator 5,gif animation creatorNow  a day's Android is one of the famous product all over the world.Many software engineer's are creating lot's of apps for the sake of the people as the database of Android OS is open source based.Even google also organizes competition's for developing Android apps.It is easy to learn & people are developing Android apps day by day...Like most other people I also tried to  do something special tricks with this android devices.That's why I am going to share a cool trick about it.The trick is about to create boot animation of an android device.

How To Download Torrent's File Using Idm (100% work)

Hello Readers.How are You everyone?Hope Everyone Is fine.This is the first post of my blog.So,I will try to update more attractive and cool tricks. But now today I am going to Share with everyone how anyone can download the torrents file using Idm.It's really a cool trick,isn't it?Most of the people don't know about this trick.That's why I am sharing the post about how to download torrent file  by Idm .

Friday, March 14, 2014


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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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Sunday, March 09, 2014


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