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Portuguese TV

275 Canal Parlamento, Portugal PageBroadcasting live from the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal.
293 Canal Rural, Brazil PageAgricultural information and news.
195 Cristo Vive, Brazil Media
150 DMTV, Brazil MediaGeneral sports channel from Brazil.
185 Faab TV, Brazil Media
1.2 Hi-life TV, Portugal Media
141 Just TV, Brazil Media
2.0 Mana Sat, Portugal PageInternational Christian channel from Lisabon.
300 Porto Canal, Portugal PageLocal TV from the capital of Porto.
273 RTPN TV, Portugal Media
273 Shoptour, Brazil Media
141 TV Aberta, Brazil Media
205 TV Az, Brasil PageLocal TV from Teresina.
102 TV Cambury, Brazil Media
248 TV Gaia Global, Portugal Media
141 TV Orkut, Brazil Media
150 Viseu TV, Portugal Media

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