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German TV

1.5 3Sat, Germany MediaPublic television network with music and culture.
491 Center TV Bremen, Germany MediaLocal TV from Bremen and Bremerhaven.
528 Center TV Duesseldorf, Germany MediaLocal TV from Duesseldorf.
300 DAF TV, Germany PageFinancial and business news from Germany.
410 Deluxe Music TV, Germany PageTop 40 channel from Germany.
500 FashionGuide TV, Germany PageFashion TV from Berlin.
300 Kabbalah TV, Israel MediaReligious channel from Israel in the German language.
291 Kanal Telemedial, Austria PageSpiritual TV channel.
300 Kiel TV, Germany PageRegional TV from the city of Kiel.
548 KW-TV, Germany MediaFrom the region of Wildau - Koenigs Wusterhausen.
200 L-TV, Germany PageBroadcasted from Ludwigsburg for the region of Baden-Wuerttemberg.
564 Massive Mag TV, Germany MediaLifestyle and sports channel.
300 Muenchen 2, Germany MediaCable TV for the region of Muenchen.
300 Muenchen TV, Germany PageLocal TV channel.
576 NDR Hamburg, Germany MediaPublic TV broadcast.
880 NRW TV, Germany MediaChannel based in Dortmund broadcasting for Nordrhein-Westfalen.
400 Oeins, Germany PageLocal TV from Oldenburg.
1.5 Phoenix, Germany MediaDocumentaries and news from Bonn.
320 Rhein-Main TV, Germany MediaRegional TV from the city of Frankfurt.
1.1 Streetclip TV, Germany MediaMusic and culture programming.
300 TRP 1, Germany PageTV from the region of Niederbayern.
448 TV Halle, Germany MediaLocal TV from the city of Halle.
273 Worm TV, Germany MediaElectronic underground from Germany.

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