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Dutch TV

800 101 TV, Netherlands PageDutch live TV stream for the young generation.
250 3 ML, Netherlands PageRegional television from Limburg.
539 AT5, Netherlands PageLocal TV channel for the city of Amsterdam.
800 Best TV, Netherlands Page
700 Boschtion TV, Netherlands Media
250 Brug TV, Netherlands Media
800 Consumenten TV, Netherlands Page
800 Cultura, Netherlands Page
700 Familie 24, Netherlands PageFamily and children's television.
350 Gelre TV, Netherlands MediaLocal TV from the province of Gelderland.
800 Geschiedenis, Netherlands Page
500 Graafschap TV, Netherlands Media
800 Holland Doc, Netherlands Page
800 Humor TV, Netherlands Page
878 Mix 105, Netherlands MediaTV stream from the municipality of Steenwijkerland.
520 Nick Jr, Netherlands MediaTV for kids.
800 NOS Journaal 24, Netherlands PageNews from the Dutch national broadcasting organization.
1.0 Omroep Zeeland, Netherlands MediaRegional TV aimed at the province of Zeeland.
200 Oog TV, Netherlands Media
800 Politiek 24, Netherlands Page24/7 live debates and political news.
520 Regio TV Utrecht, Netherlands MediaRegional channel for the city and province of Utrecht.
800 RTLZ, Netherlands PageFinancial and business news.
400 RTV Dordrecht, Netherlands MediaLocal TV channel from the city of Dordrecht.
543 RTV NH, Netherlands PageNews channel for the province of Noord-Holland.
491 RTV Oost, Netherlands Media
2.0 RTV Rijnmond, Netherlands MediaLocal TV channel from the region of Rijnmond.
520 RTV Utrecht, Netherlands MediaLocal TV channel from the city of Utrecht.
520 RTV West, Netherlands PageNews from the region of Zuid-Holland.
512 Salto A1, Netherlands Media
512 Salto A2, Netherlands Media
800 Spirit 24, Netherlands PageNon-stop spiritual lifestyle television.
800, Netherlands PageMusic by Dutch artists only.
502 TMF Party Video, Netherlands MediaTechno, trance and house.
750 TV Gelderland, Netherlands PageLocal TV from the province of Gelderland.
320 TV Noord, Netherlands MediaPublic broadcasting company for the province of Gronngen.
448 TV Oranje, Netherlands MediaVideos by popular Dutch artists.
500 Tweede Kamer, Netherlands MediaLive broadcasts from the Dutch Parliament in The Hague.
180 Zeilsteen TV, Netherlands MediaInternational pop videos broadcasted from The Netherlands.

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